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My books

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  2. Andy Sturrock

    Hello Richard
    My name is Andy Sturrock – CAS Member no 10739.As a result of this I am always purveying good bookstores for books on clouds and weather and have acquired your excellent publications on “Extraordinary Weather” and “Extraordinary Clouds”
    I am very fortunate to own a property in a hilltop village with my wife in Andalucia in Spain and to sit on our roof terrace watching the clouds passing over the mountains with both of your books in hand is utopia!

    Who needs a telly?

    My sincere tthanks.

    Andy Sturrock

  3. Simon Walsh

    A double coincidence, I was researching family history on Luke Howard as my wife is a descendant of his. Then I discovered you had written a book about him…Christmas present sorted! Second coincidence is that I knew your adoptive father, Eric in Hastings when he had the picture framing business behind George Street. I used to drop in for a chat as I too had studied Marine Biology. He tried to interest me in a sailing boat project in Africa, however I took another path and went to Southern Ireland and worked at a marine station….followed by a long and varied career…ending up as Environment and Climate Change Cabinet Member at Essex County Council. I remember him well for his kind advice.
    Best wishes.


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